UNIVERSE OF DRUMSET TECHNIQUES – The Encyclopedia of Technique and Groove

issued 2011, english version, ISBN978-80-254-9389-2; EAN978-80-254-9389-2; ISMN 979-0-66051-949-3

Welcome to the next part of the Encyclopedia of Technique and Groove. This book represents a seven-year project, the goal of which was to revise and update essential stickings, rhythmic exercises and grooves. It will provide a solid practice routine that covers various aspects of drum set technique. These techniques will help you with speed, endurance, accuracy, consistency and fluidity. They can be used for various styles of music such as pop, rock, metal, latin, funk, jazz, blues, hip-hop, country and many others.

The practice techniques in this workbook have been divided into seven main section split into individual groups. Each section focuses on different areas of drumming, such as warm-up stickings, rhythmic subdivisions, advanced linear phrasing, hi-hat as well as single and double bass drum pedal technique. The exercises on coordinated independence around the drum set should be performed in binary and ternary combination with accented and unaccented single, double strokes and paradiddle variations. This book also containes examples of grace notes, ghost strokes, preliminary exercises, big-band phrasing and odd meters. As a bonus there is a section on open handed groove-playing geared towards the development of compound patterns.

As in my previous method books, the exercises presented in Modern Fusion Drumming 2000 and World of Drumset Rudiments have been written with music and technique. Each exercise is presented separately with background information and with one-bar sticking patterns. With repetition of the material, the player will build technique, concentration and endurance. The metronome markings beat per minute are only suggestion.

This extensive exercice system is intended to serve intermediate trough advanced drum players with some previous drumming experience. It is suitable especially for music school students. In the case of a self-taught individual, private instruction from a specialist is highly recomended. Seek out an instructor for the personal guidance of your talent.

Hopefully, the system presented here will help in organizing your practice time; and finally here are a few general rules to follow, in order that you obtain the full benefit of these exercises:

- Go slowly at first. Do not increase tempo until you are comletely comfortable playing the exercises at slower tempos. Practicing slowly actually speeds up the learning process. Be patient.

- Each example should be repeated many times until it feels comfortable. Then move directly to the next one, with no pause.

- Perform these exercises in sequence or randomly.

- These exercises should be played on all the different drums and cymbals in your drum set because each surface has a very different feel.

- Sit upright, breathe naturally, free yourself of all tension, stay relaxed at all times and use a full-lenght mirror to observe your form. Focus and become aware of each part you are playing.

- Effective practice requires total concentration. If you practice, isolate yourself from the TV, phone, other people and other interruptions.

- Use a metronome and play-along with the exercises. It is a very effective tool for fine-tuning your time feel.

- Playing with the brushes is a great exercise for wrists and finger technique, prefer traditional grip.

- During the exercises use a watch and remember about proper time-management. Do not spend all your time on this material. Books and another media are never a substitute for live performance. Do not forget also to listen, exchange ideas with others, experiment and practice what you do not known.





This seventy-eight-page book should have been titled “Universe“ Of Drumset Rudiments, […], it would be well worth the effort for any drummer serious about improving his or her hands and four-way independence skills.“


Historicky první publikace českého autora, zabývající se Snare Drum Rudiments. Navíc kniha přináší rozšířené verze oblastí, zahrnutých v prvním díle. Považuji obě učebnice za velmi přínosné širokému spektru hráčů na bicí nástroje.“


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