Modern Fusion Drumming 2000

Modern Fusion Drumming 2000 – The Encyclopedia of Technique and Groove I.

issued 1999, czech-english version, ISBN-80-238-3858-X, ISMN M-66051-107-7

This publication focuses on a category of modern instrumental drumming technique and is presented in such a way that after careful studying and mastering of each individual section, the drummer will have control over his or her drumset technique.

As an answer to todays drummer requiring flexibility in a variety of musical styles, this workbook offers an inovative approach to modern fusion drumming with specific emphasis on its application to effective drum performance in the most popular playing style such as pop, world music, rock, Latin, funk, hip-hop.

The practice techniques in this workbook have been divided into seven main section futher split into individual groups. They each demonstrate rich complexities and possibilities for the drumset. Each combination exercice deals with different rhythms and covers possible ways that the rhythm cold be played with. The sections apply contemporary rudiments to the drumset such as drumstick control, bass drum and hi-hat pedal technique, coordinated independence and creating a groove. The exercices should be worked in combinations with the accented and unaccented single, double, triple, four, unison, flam strokes and paradiddle variations. This book also containes examples of ostinato timefeels, ghost notes, linear phrases and odd meters – 3/4, 5/8, 7/8 and 6/8.

This extensive exercice system is intended to serve intermediate trough advanced drum players with some previous drumming experience. It is suitable especially for music school students. In case of self-taught individual, private instruction from a specialist is highly recomended.

Those using this book should have some knowledge of reading drumcharts, properly holding the stick, finger control, proper arm and wrist motion, balance and logical drum kit set-up, fundamental information about triplet feel, rolls, fills and more.


Drumstick Control

Rhythmic subdivision and combinations, grace notes – flam, drag, ruff, short roll, rhythmic combinations including grace notes and rolls, accented and unaccentad notes (8th, 16th, 8th triplet, 16th triplet), paradidle variations (single, double)

Bass Drum Tachnique

Rhythmic subdivisions, bass drum/ride/snare drum variations, bass drum/snare drum exercices (8th and 16th notees, 8th triplet)

Drumset Technique

Rhythmic subdivision, rhythmic combinations, accented and unaccented notes (16th notes and 16th triplet notes)

Paradiddle Variations And Introductory Stickings

Single, triple and irregular paradiddles.

Creating a Groove

Ostinato time feels, ghost notes and preliminary exercices, medium jazz time paterns, fast jazz time paterns.

Linear Phrasing

Even and triplet feel.

Odd Time Playing

3/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8 – rhythmic combinatins, accented notes, paradiddles.





This seventy-eight-page book should have been titled “Universe“ Of Drumset Rudiments, […], it would be well worth the effort for any drummer serious about improving his or her hands and four-way independence skills.“


Historicky první publikace českého autora, zabývající se Snare Drum Rudiments. Navíc kniha přináší rozšířené verze oblastí, zahrnutých v prvním díle. Považuji obě učebnice za velmi přínosné širokému spektru hráčů na bicí nástroje.“


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